Raising Bilingual Children – Press Release

Raising Bilingual Children - Press Release

Raising Bilingual Children

ItalianMums organises a free lecture at Reading University

ItalianMums will host a free informal lecture at Reading University, in collaboration with Bilingualism Matters@Reading. The subject will be: “Raising Bilingual Children”. It is a great opportunity for multicultural families to learn tips on how to help their children to fulfill their potential and become fluent in more than one language.

The event is in English as ItalianMums believes this talk can be useful not only to Italians but also to all the people born elsewhere who have chosen to live in the UK and face the challenge of raising a bilingual child.

The lecture will take place on 6th April at 6.30 pm at Reading University (HUMSS 175 building number 1, sat nav RG6 6UR – RG6 7BE for Earley Gate). The entry is free, children are welcome. Car park is free after 6.00 pm.

“When I had my son last year, I couldn’t have imagined being the mind behind this event”, Berni Palumbo, Funder of ItalianMums says. “We are trying to create a space in which everybody can be enclosed in, feel welcome, being heard, have questions answered. We celebrate diversity as a precious resource that makes us all richer, that make us stronger.”

About ItalianMums – This project started off the solid friendship between two Italian mums based in Reading. A Facebook page soon led to a website, which now counts on many other mums and professionals who help the project to grow at a steady pace. ItalianMums’ aim is to create a network for Italian mothers living in the UK, share useful information and give our children the possibility to play and speak Italian.

To learn more visit www.italianmums.co.uk, or email us at info@italianmums.co.uk.

About Bilingualism Matters@Reading ­– Bilingualism Matters@Reading is one of 14 international branches of Bilingualism Matters at the University of Edinburgh and is part of the Centre for Literacy and Multilingualism at the University of Reading.

Photocredit: João Silas

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